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    Well, it's been at least a month. The last time I remember seeing you all is on Last's sad how quickly everyone got bumped off, and didn't come back. Those who left because of the others leaving too...It's sad, really. I didn't expect arguments to break out, nor did I expect all the anxiety in the chat..we all were accusing each other for the attack. I'm sure it was out of pure panic and fear, but the way everyone acted to each's saddening. Half a year of nothing but pure happiness, crashed by a simple attack from some sweaty nerd behind a program. I'm sure none of you are going to be able to read this, nor do I believe any of you even use the Forums. But, I just feel like I need to reach out to whoever might be lurking out. I'm trying to stay as optimistic as possible, but it's hard. I'm usually the only one lingering in the chat, maybe a rando or two. I'm sure the chat will be restored, however. Maybe a new generation will come in. I just want to see if any of you are lingering about, even though you're probably not here of all places. I love all of you regs that came in there, and I will NEVER forget ANY of you. I hope you all live well
    To all hopes of restoration, Aoro

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    Probably we never met, but I have the same thoughts/feelings as you are. Let's hope the restoration would turn out well.
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      Oh! Well, that's wonderful! I'm sure everything will go along wonderfully. Good hopes


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        Originally posted by Aoro View Post
        Oh! Well, that's wonderful! I'm sure everything will go along wonderfully. Good hopes
        Oy boshly beans <3 Fubby dub dub duck! We never left you fool and we all miss you. You and everyone else that left should come back to us <3

        And the new chat software is really nice actually.
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